Filter Water System Filtration Water Faucet  - 7 Level Purification

1. 7-layer filtration: intercept harmful substances, live a healthy life, start from clean water, and protect the health of family members.
2. 0.1 micron purification filter: pure physical filtration, diatom ceramic composite filter, the filtration effect is remarkable.

3. Washable filter element: It can extend the service life, clean it once every 7-10 days, and the service life of 3-6 months (depending on the local water quality).

4. Food grade ABS material: made of high quality materials, not easy to age, very durable.

5. Transparent window: real-time monitoring, pay attention to the use of the filter core at any time, clean in time and extend the service life.

6. Water quality switching: two kinds of water quality, fast switching, raw water level to clean water level.

7. Simple installation: Suitable for most faucets with 6 mounting interfaces.

8. Double outlet design: The water inlet can pass the water temperature below 45 degrees, and the raw water level can pass the hot water below 80 degrees.


Category: Water Purifier

Working principle: ceramic filter

Efficacy: non-direct drinking

Use location: terminal water purification

Adapt to water temperature: 0-45 (°C)

Water pressure range: 0.1-0.4 (Mpa)

Filter level: 7 levels of filtering

Filtration accuracy: 0.1 micron high precision filtration

Filter alarm device: not supported

Clean water flow: 2L/min

Water outlet mode: double outlet water

Material: ABS food grade material

Filter material: diatom ceramic filter

Water purification effect: except for viruses, except heavy metals, except organic matter, chlorine removal, sediment removal, rust removal, bacteria removal

Water purification effect: mineral purification water

Replaceable filter: can

Accessories type: water purifier filter

Service life: 3-6 months (depending on local water quality)

Size: 105*135*65mm


1* water purifier

6* installation interface

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