Berkey Water Filter - Introductory Video to the Line of Berkey Water Filters

First time hearing about the Berkey Water Filter? This video will introduce you to the Berkey family and provide a high-level overview of these amazing water purification systems.

The berkey water filter is considered the gold standard in water purification due to the high purification rates the filters achieve. Unlike other filters systems that can only be labeled as a water filter, the berkey systems are considered water purifiers because they remove bacteria to levels higher than 99.9999%.

The berkey systems also remove other chemicals and contaminants to undetectable levels. Combine these high removal rates along with the fact that the black berkeys last 6000 gallons per set of 2 filters and one begins to understand the power of these amazing systems.

The other benefit of the berkey water filters is their ability to fit an add-on fluoride filter in the lower chamber. Individuals are waking up to the fact that fluoride added to their water is not good for human health. The Berkey PF-2’s give the user the ability to remove this from their water.

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