DIY Berkey Water Filter System CHEAP!

DIY Berkey Water Filter System CHEAP!

Want a Berkey water filter but don’t want to spend $300? Just build your own DIY Berkey water filter system for a fraction of the cost! #Berkey #WaterFilter #DIY
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Best Water Filter? Brita, ZeroWater, PUR, Berkey, Aquaphor, AquaTrue

Best Water Filter? Brita, ZeroWater, PUR, Berkey, Aquaphor, AquaTrue

BRANDS TESTED: ZeroWater, PUR, Brita, Aquaphor, AquaTrue, Lifestraw, Survivor Filter Pro, Frizzlife, Sawyer, RV Filter and a homemade filter. Filters tested for removing total dissolved solids, removing red food coloring and removing iron. Several filters cut open after the testing to compare the filter media. I purchased all of the filters and supplies used for testing the filters. So, thanks for supporting the channel!

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Big Berkey Water Filter Review - Is It Worth It?

Big Berkey Water Filter Review – Is It Worth It?

Lately I’ve been catching myself reading a lot of survival stuff, more specifically about water filtration. I think that at some point in the near future, the grid will shut down for a substantial period of time, and water will become even more important than it already is.

Before I go any further, I wanted to make clear that I am NOT connected with Berkey in any way. I just use their stuff and I like it. All righty, where were we?

Enter the Big Berkey. It’s rugged and gorgeous, and it gets the job done. The standard Big Berkey comes with two Black Berkey filtration elements, with the option to expand the unit to four in order to speed up the process.

Further, the optional Berkey PF-2 Arsenic/Fluoride reduction elements can be added on to make the system even more thorough.

Berkey shows that their filtration elements can remove all the nasty stuff like pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites while reducing harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, and VOCs without removing beneficial minerals.

What’s not to like about this thing? Well, installing the spigot can be a pain. Be careful when installing that you tighten it pretty good, but take caution as it’s made of plastic. I wonder why this isn’t metal. Anyway, when you fill up the unit for your first time, set it in your sink. That way, if the spigot leaks, you won’t have water all over your countertop and floor. Happened to me!

“Priming” the elements is really easy and takes less than 5 minutes to do all of them. Priming basically means you flush out the filters of any process dust, so you need to discard your first full batch of water as it tastes metallic.

My suggestion would be to get the Big Berkey or perhaps a larger size depending on how many people you live with. I’ve never run out of Berkey water in a day, but I’ve come close.

These things are a little expensive, but when you factor your health and safety in there, as well as being able to filter rainwater, pond water and the like, it can’t be beat.

A simple alternative can be designed with just two 5 gallon food grade buckets outfitted with Berkey elements. You’ll save at least $100 and have a 5 gallon capacity…not bad! I built one to have as a backup system just in case.

Check out this link to see my video on how to build your own water filter:

Again, this is a great system and I definitely recommend getting one of these for your home…safe, clean drinking water is super important, and this should ensure you have just that.


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The Royal Berkey Water Filter

The Royal Berkey Water Filter

The Royal Berkey Water Filter – 3.25 Gallon Size
Everything you need to know about the 3.25-gallon Royal Berkey water purifier, including its dimensions, capacity, output, and materials used. Learn more at
#royalberkey #berkeyfilters #berkey #portablefiltration

Find the Berkey that best fits your family #findyourberkey

Does your water meet health guidelines? Find out now ➡️
#whatsinyourwater #waterqualitysearch

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Berkey Water Filter - Introductory Video to the Line of Berkey Water Filters

Berkey Water Filter – Introductory Video to the Line of Berkey Water Filters

First time hearing about the Berkey Water Filter? This video will introduce you to the Berkey family and provide a high-level overview of these amazing water purification systems.

The berkey water filter is considered the gold standard in water purification due to the high purification rates the filters achieve. Unlike other filters systems that can only be labeled as a water filter, the berkey systems are considered water purifiers because they remove bacteria to levels higher than 99.9999%.

The berkey systems also remove other chemicals and contaminants to undetectable levels. Combine these high removal rates along with the fact that the black berkeys last 6000 gallons per set of 2 filters and one begins to understand the power of these amazing systems.

The other benefit of the berkey water filters is their ability to fit an add-on fluoride filter in the lower chamber. Individuals are waking up to the fact that fluoride added to their water is not good for human health. The Berkey PF-2’s give the user the ability to remove this from their water.

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Airstream Basecamp Techout: Episode #14; Travel Berkey Water Filtration System

Airstream Basecamp Techout: Episode #14; Travel Berkey Water Filtration System

Do you drink from your fresh water tank in your RV? Your taps in your house without a filter? Maybe you use a Brita filter or some other filter for your water filtering? Well, I would highly suggest using the Berkey system that fits your needs, in this video we explore the Travel Berkey version for our RV. The black filter berkey system produces some of the best water I have tested and tried. Crystal clear in the cup, you know you can trust the water coming out of your berkey. This opens the door for many more sources of water when camping or boondocking. Going off grid for a long period? Water shouldn’t be an issue at all. Check the product links below.

Product Information

Face Book Group – Berkey Water

Amazon US Affiliate Link
Berkey Travel
Berkey Black Replacement Filters

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How To Clean Berkey Water Filters THE RIGHT WAY

How To Clean Berkey Water Filters THE RIGHT WAY

This is a tutorial on how to clean a Big Berkey water filter. We cover taking the Berkey apart and putting the Berkey back together again properly for both the Black Berkey and the Berkey fluoride filters. Cleaning and maintaining your Berkey water filter will allow it to last years with minimal maintenance and give you great Berkey water. But it’s your health that will benefit the most and is a great emergency preparedness tool.

Website to Berkey where I get my Berkey and supplies:

As of August 2, 2020: We have re-branded our channel to Path Tread Ascent! When we started this channel, it used to be called Re-Mind Health.

0:00 Intro to the Big Berkey
1:10 About the Big Berkey and how it works
2:41 Fluoride Filters
5:30 Black Berkey filters
8:36 Cleaning Black Berkey filters
11:50 Cleaning the fluoride filters
12:48 Cleaning the Berkey tanks
17:05 Assembling a Berkey Water Filter

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