The Wellborn Special Utility District entered stage five of its water conservation plan on Thursday and issued a boil water notice just two days after implementing stage two, according to the district’s website.

Stephen Cast, the general manager for the Wellborn district, said the decision to jump to stage five came after customers failed to follow the water conservation plan.

“We’ve been trying to communicate with our customers for several weeks on getting them on a schedule for lawn irrigation,” Cast said. “Today we got that extreme demand and it actually drained our storage tanks and we lost line pressure on our system.”

That loss of pressure led to implementation of the boil notice, said Cast, who hopes people will abide by the latest plan so they can return to stage two next week.

“If our [water] samples come back good, we’ll be able to remove that boil order [Friday] as long as we can maintain pressure,” he said.

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The Wellborn website also states that mandatory restrictions will be in place until Monday when the district will reevaluate system water demands.

The stage five water conservation plan prohibits all outside watering, including sprinkler systems, handheld watering, hose watering and soaker hoses, according to the district’s website.

Cast said they cannot roll back restrictions without the help of customers.

“We’re getting no response from the customers,” Cast said. “They’re totally ignoring what we’re sending them … If we’re successful, and the customers follow the schedule we’ve got, we’ll be able to allow the customers to irrigate their yards as well as keep the system in a safe place.”

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