Holy Grayl or Major Fail? Grayl Geopress Water Filter Review

Holy Grayl or Major Fail? Grayl Geopress Water Filter Review

Grayl wants to be the Holy Grail of water filters. Do they deserve that title? Grayl certainly can filter a lot of different contaminates including Bacteria, Protozoa, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Taste, and even Viruses. But that alone does not make it the best. What about weight and size? Usability? Price? and more? I talk about all the things that make Grayl great and some of the things that make it not so great. I also see if Grayl can turn Coca-Cola (Coke) into pure clean drinking water? Be sure to watch till the end to find out.

The video that claims Grayl can filter Coke:

Grayl GeoPress Water Filter:
Grayl Ultralight Water Filter:

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Grayl Ultralight Water Filter Review

Grayl Ultralight Water Filter Review

Sootch reviews the GRAYL Ultralight Water Filter. A water filter is vital to your health when you are out in the field or if you find yourself in a survival situation to decontaminate water for drinking and cooking. Staying hydrated is essential to survival and having clean drinking water will help prevent disease and infection.

GRAYL Geopress 24 oz

GRAYL Geopress Replacement Purifier Cartridge

GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier

GRAYL Ultralight Replacement Purifier Cartridge

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