How to Install a Whole House Water Filter (iSpring WGB22B 2 stage, WSP-50SL)

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In this video we go over the full procedure for installing a whole house water filter – the iSpring WBB22B 2-stage filter (but this is probably applicable to all kinds of filters – procedure will be similar to PEX, CPVC, or even Sharkbite ,which are probably easier to work with). My particular scenario has copper piping. The manufacturer recommends you use type “L” copper, which is thicker. But for residential installs, the thinner type “M” will probably be just fine. A system like this is beneficial in that it removes all kinds of dirt, particulates, chlorine, as well as other chemicals – nice, since otherwise you’re drinking and bathing in this concoction of stuff.

iSpring WGB22B 2-Stage Filter:

iSpring WSP-50SL Sediment Filter:

100 PSI 1/4″ NPT Pressure Gauge:

1″ NPT MIP to 3/4″ FIP Adapter – Brass bushing

1/4 in. Fitting x FNPT Wrot Copper Adapter

3/4 x 3/4 x 1/4 in. Wrot Copper Reducing Tee

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