Berkey Water Filter EXTREME Field Test & Review

Authorized Berkey Dealer:

Before you buy a Berkey water filter make sure you watch this video. I am now a Berkey dealer.

In this extreme Berkey water filter and purifier test we put the Berkey through some tough field tests. We put rain water, ditch water, freshly treated swimming pool water and five year old water that has been stored in a 55 gallon drum. If that isn’t enough we finalize the tests by running red food coloring through the Berky to see if it is still doing its job. We do it all in this one video so you can see if the Berkey lives up to its reputation as the gold standard for all water filtration and purification systems. After all these test the most important test is if Mrs. LDSPrepper likes the water. She is very picky about her water. I guess that is a good thing. Watch the video to see if she gives the Berkey her seal of approval.

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