Backpacking Water Filters! Every Way to Filter Water in the Backcountry! | Miranda in the Wild

It’s time for the Water Treatment BATTLE ROYALE! In this video, I’ll walk through the different types of water treatment, how to use them, and some pros and cons to each.

Water Purification vs. Filtration: 0:59
Chemical Purification: 2:06
UV Purification: 5:00
Pump Filters: 6:39
Gravity Filters: 9:27
Bottle Filters: 10:58

Potable Aqua Iodine:
Aquamira Chlorine Dioxide:
Katadyn Steripen Ultra UV Purification:
MSR MiniWorks EX Pump Filter:
MSR Guardian Purifier*:
MSR Trail Base Gravity Filter:
Katadyn BeFree Water Bottle Filter:

*Note that the Guardian is currently out of stock online, but we hope to get it back soon!

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