कौन सा है Best Water Purifier in India? (Mineral water का सच)

Which is the best water purifier in Indian market? Kaunsa water purifier aapke liye best hai?

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Kaunsa water purifier aapke liye best hai? Kya aapko sach mein RO water purifier ki zarurat hai? Kya hai mineral water ke peeche ki sacchai? Kis tarah se zyadatar water purifying companies apni marketing ke chalte humein bewkoof banane ki koshish karti hain? Is video ko poora dekhne ke baad aapko in sabhi sawalon ke jawaab mil jaayenge aur aap badi asaani se decide kar paayenge ki kaunsa water best hai aapke liye aur aapki family ke liye.

0:40 – The water purifying technologies available in the Indian market. Today, Installing the best water purifier has become a necessity rather than a luxury. But with so many options with every brand claiming that their technology is best it gets really hard and confusing to choose the best water purifier. But not anymore.
02:50 – Why UV chamber is recommended along with water purifier?
03:06 – Which water purifying technology is best for you?
03:14 – What is a TDS meter and how is it helpful?
03:40 – What does the reading on a TDS meter indicate? Which water is safe for you?
04:10 – The truth about packaged drinking water. The so called mineral water.
04:46 – Why was RO technology developed? The origin of RO water purifiers.
05:08 – More TDS does not necessarily mean dirty water. I did an experiment to understand this.
05:25 – Actually mineral water bottles brands available in the Indian market.
05:40 – An experiment I did to showcase the PH level of packaged drinking water.
06:05 – What should you do after you buy a TDS meter?
06:28 – How to identify which technology you should get installed as per the TDS reading?
07:20 – How to increase the quantity of minerals in normal water naturally?
07:32 – How water purifier companies are misleading the general public. 5 Reasons.
10:17 – The best water purifiers in the Indian market

How to check the quality of your tap water?
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