Haynesville Boil Water Advisory

HAYNESVILLE, La- A water main break Sunday morning left about 2,300 locals high and dry for six hours in the Town of Haynesville.

The issue was fixed as of noon Sunday, giving residents have access to water. However, the Haynesville area is under a boil water advisory until further notice.

City officials were aware of the issue around 6 a.m. Sunday morning after noticing low water pressure. A team searched for where the break was, causing the water loss. They say social media helped lead them to the ruptured main behind Haynesville Jr/Sr High School.

“A few people commented and said, the school, the school, the school. Finally, we came to the school and this where it was,” said Brandon White, water and wastewater operator.

Haynesville Boil Water Advisory

School maintenance crews were already working on the school’s water line prior to the water main break. 

City officials were able to turn off the valve at the school to correct the issue impacting Haynesville’s water supply.

“When we walked up here it was water just flowing all over the sidewalk, running down the drain,” said Haynesville water superintendent Dawson Beene. “The reason why it was so hard to find because it was going straight down the drain and channeling back through the drainage system so it was hard to detect that leak.”

Town officials expect to get the test results back for the water quality on Monday. KTBS will have an update when the boil water advisory is lifted.

Haynesville Jr/Sr High School is still without water. In-person and virtual classes were already canceled for Monday due to the pre-existing water line issues. An update on classes is expected Monday, according to the school’s Facebook page. 

Be safe and make sure to boil your water or consider buying a water filtration system like the AquaOx Water Filter.

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