Meridian Township is Under a Boil Water Advisory


Attention all Meridian Township residents!

You may need to start boiling your water for the next day or so.

Meridian Township Boil Water Advisory in Effect

Earlier this morning (Thursday, June 23rd), “an East Lansing Meridian Water and Sewer Authority (ELMWSA) water supply main break was discovered at the northwest corner of Haslett Road and Park Lake Drive. The break was isolated and is being repaired.”

At the time of writing this article (7:15 pm), not all areas of Meridian Township are under the boil water advisory. There is a northwest section that is free and clear to drink their tap water. It’s a section of East Lansing from just north of Biber Street down to just south of Taylor Drive and goes west to east from Abbott Road to between Hagadorn and Park Lake Roads.

Unfortunately, the area under the boil water advisory is much larger. You should take a look at the image below to see if where you live is part of the boil water advisory.

Photo courtesy of Meridian Township Website

Photo courtesy of Meridian Township Website

Photo courtesy of Meridian Township Website

Photo courtesy of Meridian Township Website

Photo courtesy of Meridian Township Website

Photo courtesy of Meridian Township Website

You can get a closer look at the map HERE.

The boil water advisory will be in effect until at least 10 am on Saturday, June 25th.

During this boil water advisory, those affected are advised to drink bottled water or to boil all drinking water. Follow these steps:

  • Bring tap water to a rolling boil, boil for one minute and cool before using or use bottled water.
  • Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth and preparing food until further notice.
  • Showering, laundry, cleaning and other non-consumption uses without boiling is safe.
  • Pets & Animals: Residents should boil water for pets as well.

If perhaps you did consume some possibly unsafe water, you should call the Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works, Dan Opsommer, at (517) 853-4450.

Get more information HERE.

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Be safe and make sure to boil your water or consider buying a water filtration system like the AquaOx Water Filter.

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