Filtration process in water purification|Filtration of water| Environmental(Public Health)Engineers

Filtration process in water purification|Filtration of water| Environmental(Public Health)Engineers

Filtration process
1.This video will give you details about the filtration process of water purification.
2.Filtration process is carried to remove the bacteria, suspended and colloidal materials, color, odor, iron and manganese and also useful in making water sparkling.
3.Filtration process consists of passing raw water through filter media, filter media consist of sand and gravel layer filtration process removes about 98 to 99 % of bacterial impurities.
4. When loss of head increases and removes blockages from the filter bed process is carried out.

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Filtration of Water | Purification of Water | Part - 03 | Environmental Engineering

Filtration of Water | Purification of Water | Part – 03 | Environmental Engineering

Purification of Water | Filtration of Water
00:38 This sand required for filtration of the properties.

01:38 Slow Sand Filtration
Slow sand filtration is a type of centralised or semi-centralised water purification system. A well-designed and properly maintained slow sand filter (SSF) effectively removes turbidity and pathogenic organisms through various biological, physical and chemical processes in a single treatment step.

02:38 Rapid Sand Filtration
The rapid sand filter or rapid gravity filter is a type of filter used in water purification and is commonly used in municipal drinking water facilities as part of a multiple-stage treatment system.

03:30 Pressure Filtration
Pressure filters are in many respects similar to conventional rapid filters. The main differences are that the media is contained in a pressure vessel (such as a steel tank) and that they are operated under pressure provided by means of a pump or high-pressure water source on the influent side rather than gravity.
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Water Filtration Plants || Mineral Water Business | Rizwan Factorywala

Water Filtration Plants || Mineral Water Business | Rizwan Factorywala

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This video is all about the Water Filtration Plants.

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Bushcraft Basics Ep09: Water Filtration & Disinfection

Bushcraft Basics Ep09: Water Filtration & Disinfection

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My Wife Megan and I also travel throughout northern europe overlanding in our modified 4×4 exploring wilderness tracks and roads. We left the UK almost one year ago to travel and relocate to the North of Sweden where we now live in a remote town surrounded by wilderness. Outside of our working lives we spend out time exploring the wilderness, ice fishing and regular fishing in the summer over lakes and rivers, we regularly hunt with rifles and shotguns for various bird species and we enjoy hiking and camping with our bushcraft kit but also further afield with our modified 4×4 and roof top tent.
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