The World Health Organization (WHO) has already declared the epidemy of the new Corona Virus (COVID-19), and we know that elderly people and people with a depressed immune system are more likely to catch the virus, more recently the WHO reported that children are also susceptible. Now we are wondering, in addition to quarantine, alcohol, self-hygiene, is there anything else we can do to decrease the odds to be infected?

Keeping your immunity high is essential, but don’t be fooled by miraculous promises of “lemon water”, increasing your immunity is a daily process and it needs more than just a meal. Food is the main way to keep your immunity functioning.

“You are what you eat” and your medicine is your food, not in the literal sense of the word, but a well-nourished body has a high immune system.

So I decided to share with you some things that you can do to improve your immunity.

1) First, make sure your diet is mostly made with fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits and yellow vegetables. Vitamin C in these foods helps to improve the immune system.

2) Every day drink lemon with honey, propolis, and turmeric, these foods are mostly anti-inflammatory, and help your body deal with daily body inflammations, leaving more energy to fight other threats.

3) Exercise often, it is not cool to go to the gym and crowded places but you can exercise at home or go for a walk!

4) Improve your sleep! Your Immune System is always working while you sleep, so when your sleep is regulated it repairs your body’s functions. One herb that helps you sleep well and has an anxiolytic effect is Mulungu Tea!

Do not forget to avoid crowding, if you are not in the risk group you can infect someone who is. If the health system is overloaded there will be more fatalities, so get informed about the symptoms, get out as little as possible and take care!

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