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Step by Step Guide to Install Kent Elite II water purifier model. Kent Elite II is a WQA Gold Seal Certified water purifier with double purification by RO + UF with TDS controller. It is a high flow-rate RO water purifier that is equally suitable for water from all sources such as bore-wells, tanks or tap-water. Watch this video to learn the installation process.

Step 1 – Unpack the water purifier system from the packing box by removing the thermecol packing. Check all the essential items in the box (List mentioned in the video).

Step 2 – To setup the water connection, keep all the plumbing tools ready before turning off the main water line. Always install the water purifier on the normal water and not on the hot water supply. Learn the next steps of installation from the video.

Step 3 – Make preparation to mound the water purification system. Use the drilling sticker to drill two holes on the wall where the water filter will be placed.

Step 4 – To install the water purifier, place the purifier on a flat surface and cut the wires holding the UF membrane and RO membrane housing. Then hang the purifier on the wall where the screws were drilled. Learn the next steps in the video to turn on the water supply to the purifier.

Step 5 – In the video learn how to check and adjust TDS level to get healthy and tasty drinking water from Kent RO water purifiers.

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