Worlds SMALLEST Whole House Water Filtration System

Worlds SMALLEST Whole House Water Filtration System

Hey Tuber Turds! Today’s Video is about the Worlds Best Whole House Water Filtration System! The PROSELECT Descaling System and the PROSELECT Under Counter Faucet Filter! You can find these at! I hope y’all Enjoy! 🙂

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Thanks for watching! I’m Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, The Expert Plumber and welcome to my channel. On this channel I teach homeowners how to save money on their plumbing by doing DIY plumbing projects. I also teach plumbers and plumbing company owners how to be the best plumbers in their area and run successful plumbing businesses. My goal is teach you everything you need to know about plumbing.

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Installed Whole Home Water Filtration System - Why do it & what I have learned?

Installed Whole Home Water Filtration System – Why do it & what I have learned?

This is the part of the “How I” and Empowerment Series. This video is based on my reasons, best practices and what I have learned from installing the two tiered water filtration system. You will love all the benefits of installing a whole home water filtration system at home in Atlanta. Keep watching and watch for the PPM and PH tests. We tested Tap Water, Double Filtered Water, and Spring Water. What do you think may have the best waters? Keep watching and find out. If you are interested in purchasing the items I have used, please feel free to click on the Amazon Affiliate Link to the items.
Here are the affiliate links:

1) GE GXWH04F Water Filter-
2) GE FXWPC (Filters) –
3) Culligan FM-25 (Faucet Filtration) –
4) KETOTEK Digital Water TDS Meter PH Meter –

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How to change RO Water Purifier Membrane Filter!

How to change RO Water Purifier Membrane Filter!

In this tutorial, you shall learn one of the how to repair #RO WATER PURIFIER right now, which is how to solve your domestic RO small problems. In this video, I shall demonstrate how you can learn in easy steps and also you can save your money that’s my agenda. If u like this video please subscribe this channel.

Web blog on RO :-

Best Parts for your RO also price is good and durability long please click on below mentioned link..
⦁ Orix Aqua (4 in 1 Combo Pack) :
⦁ Aqua Booster Pump for all type RO :

→ Above mentioned RO Parts that I use for videos and also my clients.

→ Curated by Team Dharam Sang & Co. For More Such Videos Visit Our Channel.

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👉Video link : How to check GPD and Calculation. 👇👇

👉Video link : RO Parts | Contact for bulk order :

👉Video link : Orix brand Vigo Unboxing :

👉Video link : What is Flow Restrictor, यह वॉटर प्यूरीफायर में काम कैसे करता है |

👉Video link : Easy step to change RO filters!! :

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How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter | Ask This Old House

How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter | Ask This Old House

Ask This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey improves the taste and odor of municipal drinking water with a whole house filtration system that includes a sediment filter and a granulated activated carbon filter.
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Time: 2-3 hours

Cost: $1,000

Skill Level: Moderate

Tools List:
Tubing Cutter
Fitting Brush/Pipe Cleaner

Shopping List:
Whole House Filtration System
Copper Pipe and Fittings
3 Copper Ball Valves
Adapter Fittings to Connect Filters
Thread Sealing Tape

1. Turn off the main plumbing supply to the house and drain as much water as possible from the pipes by opening all faucets and fixtures and then opening a drawoff valve near the main.
2. Determine the location of the prefilter. If necessary, attach a piece of plywood for attaching the filter bracket.
3. Use a tubing cutter to cut in to the main water supply pipe.
4. Clean, apply flux, and solder the adapter fittings to transition into the filter housing on a workbench to keep the heat away from the filter. Once cool, connect the adapter fittings to the filter housing, using thread sealing tape on threaded connections.
5. Clean, flux, and then dryfit the remaining connections. Include “T” fittings that allow water into and out of the filter, but also connect to a shutoff valve that serves as a bypass. Include a shutoff valve for water entering the filter and a shutoff valve for water leaving the filter.
6. In normal operation, the bypass valve remains in the closed position and the two filter valves are in the open position. If the filter requires service, those valves should be reversed, allowing untreated water into the building temporarily.
7. Once all connections have been made, turn water pressure back on to the building and check for leaks.
8. Follow manufacturer instructions to properly activate the carbon filter.

About Ask This Old House TV:
Homeowners have a virtual truckload of questions for us on smaller projects, and we’re ready to answer. Ask This Old House solves the steady stream of home improvement problems faced by our viewers—and we make house calls! Ask This Old House features some familiar faces from This Old House, including Kevin O’Connor, general contractor Tom Silva, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, and landscape contractor Roger Cook.

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How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter | Ask This Old House

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How To Remove Iron from Well Water

How To Remove Iron from Well Water

Iron is one of the most common contaminants faced by well owners. From muddy-colored glasses of drinking water to bright orange streaks in toilets and bathtubs, iron leaves a trail of stains, discoloration, and foul tastes in its wake. Though it is one of the most prevalent water quality issues faced by well-owners, there are many solutions to rid your water of this unwelcome mineral. Join John Woodard, our Master Water Specialist, as we explore how iron gets in your water and how to remove it.
To learn more, read our blog on removing iron from well water:
Shop our water filtration systems at:

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What's inside a Water Filter?

What's inside a Water Filter?

We cut a water filter in HALF to see what it looks like inside! So interesting!
We are glad to work in collaboration with The Gates on this project! You can read this year’s letter here:

After reading their letter, come back and comment on what “Super power for good” you would choose. Or tweet at us using the hashtag #superpowerforgood @whatsinsideit

If I had a SUPER POWER FOR GOOD, it would be to give the world clean drinking water.

There are many ways you can help with key global issues, THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP is gaining awareness of the needs of others, and that doesn’t cost any money.

Water problems in this world will NEVER be solved by filters alone. Proper sewage and sanitation, access to a clean sustainable well or proper infrastructure of community or city supplied clean water are many things that can help solve this global issue. Ultimately, it all starts with education of needs, awareness, and a desire to be an advocate for those in need by those who are able. You can make a difference no matter what your current situation is.

This video is not in sponsorship with the filter used. We bought the filter ourselves on Amazon here:

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