Installed Whole Home Water Filtration System - Why do it & what I have learned?

This is the part of the “How I” and Empowerment Series. This video is based on my reasons, best practices and what I have learned from installing the two tiered water filtration system. You will love all the benefits of installing a whole home water filtration system at home in Atlanta. Keep watching and watch for the PPM and PH tests. We tested Tap Water, Double Filtered Water, and Spring Water. What do you think may have the best waters? Keep watching and find out. If you are interested in purchasing the items I have used, please feel free to click on the Amazon Affiliate Link to the items.
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1) GE GXWH04F Water Filter-
2) GE FXWPC (Filters) –
3) Culligan FM-25 (Faucet Filtration) –
4) KETOTEK Digital Water TDS Meter PH Meter –

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Panasonic Lumix FZ 300

PERGEAR Aluminum Mini Tripod

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