How To: Replace The Water Filter in Your Frigidaire Refrigerator Using Filter Model ULTRAWF

How To: Replace The Water Filter in Your Frigidaire Refrigerator Using Filter Model ULTRAWF

*Water filter location may vary by model
Learn how to replace the water filter in your Frigidaire refrigerator!

Frigidaire PureSource Ultra Water Filter – ULTRAWF

If you’re looking for the best-in-class water filter for your home then look no further than the PureSource Ultra water filter from Frigidaire. This essential refrigerator water filter makes getting better-tasting water easy. Plus it comes backed with Frigidaire’s tradition of quality and compliance with some of the highest standards set by NSF International.
Not only does it ensure great taste and quality in your water but the PureSource Ultra water filter also helps reduce the following:
• Chlorine taste and Odor
• Particulates (class 1)
• Lead
• Cysts
• Turbidity
• Atrazine (Herbicide)
• 24-D (Herbicide) (VOC)
• Endrin Toxaphene (Pesticide)
• Mercury
• Lindane
• Alachlor
• Benzene
• P-Dichlorobenzene (VOC)
• O-Dichlorobenzene
• Ethylbenzene
• Chlorobenzene (VOC)
• Monochlorobenzene
• Styrene
• Tetrachloroethylene
• TTHM Carbofuran (VOC)
• Asbestos
• 245-TP (Silvex) (VOC)
• 124 Trichlorobenzene
Conforms to NSF/ANSI 53 for VOC reduction. See performance data sheet for individual contaminants and reduction performance. Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) reduction tested using surrogate per NSF/ANSI 53 7.2.4. VOC surrogate average reduction = 99.8

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Changing the water filter/resetting alarm on Samsung French door fridge

Changing the water filter/resetting alarm on Samsung French door fridge

Today, I’ll be showing a more detailed version video on changing the water filter on the Samsung French door Fridge. I’ll be showing which Samsung filter to purchase, how to change the filter, resetting the filter alarm, and how to flush out the air in the water filter lines from the fridge.

The video was filmed on: Model # RF28R7201SR (stainless steel)

The filter can be purchased here (paid link):
Samsung Genuine DA97-17376B Refrigerator Water Filter, 1-Pack
(affiliated link)

Please consult your fridge manual for the exact filter to purchase before purchasing.

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How to change the Samsung Refrigerator water filter

How to change the Samsung Refrigerator water filter

A video how-to on replacing the water filter on the Samsung refrigerator.

The process is very easy to do and only takes no more than 10 mins.

This includes resetting the water filter alert and getting the air out of the system.

Water filters are great in filtering some dangerous chemicals to provide better-tasting clean water.

This fridge in the video is a 2009 model RS2530BBP. This one uses DA29-00003G but many of the Samsung fridges are similar.

Featured Item in the video – Samsung DA29-00003G:

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Homemade Water Filter Purifier! - The "3-Tuna-Can" Water Purifier! - Easy DIY

Homemade Water Filter Purifier! – The "3-Tuna-Can" Water Purifier! – Easy DIY

Homemade Water Filter! The 3-stage “Tuna-Can” water purifier! simple to make. works fast. made with 3 tuna cans, a plastic bottle and coffee filters (along with sand, gravel and activated carbon). great for SHTF Emergency, camping/hiking, off-gridding or everyday use. activated carbon filtering removes hundreds of contaminants from water and cleans the water of dirt, silt and sediment. it also removes any bad taste/odor or color and restores it’s clarity and good taste. *the 3 cartridge system keeps each level separate so mixing won’t occur and it makes it easy to clean or replace each level as necessary. also makes it easy to dry. just take apart and air dry after each use.

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The Ultimate DIY Water Filter! - The "2 Stage" (carbon+heated coil) purifier! - uses no electricity!

The Ultimate DIY Water Filter! – The "2 Stage" (carbon+heated coil) purifier! – uses no electricity!

Ultimate DIY Water Filter! This Homemade Water Purifier is extremely effective and super easy to make. The “2 Stage” design purifies almost all water sources to 99.999%. Starts to produce clean/clear (super hot) water within 20 seconds! uses no electricity. great to have in a SHTF/Emergency situation or for everyday use. *also doubles as a water heater and stove burner!. you can cook on top of the coil at the same time the water is heating/purifing! water purifier, water heater and stove all in one! *and with the exception of the activated carbon and the copper coil, the filter is made almost entirely out of “free stuff” (recycled/reused metal cans, plastic bottle, glass jar – along with sand and gravel). note that the “1st stage” of the filter (activated carbon part) removes predominantly the chemical impurities (along with bad taste/color/odor/sediment). while the “2nd stage” (heated coil) predominantly removes the biological contaminants (parasites/bacteria/viruses etc…) when used together they’re extremely effective as a filtering system. should purify almost all water sources. note – one of the few things it won’t remove is salt from salt water and certain minerals. of interest: total length of copper tubing is 10 ft. tubing is 1/4″. a crumpled up piece of coffee filter paper can be used in place of the cotton balls. i was able to purifiy 12oz of water every 3 mins or so (about 1/2 gallon every 15 mins). it uses about 25 cents worth of 70% isopropyl alcohol to purify a gallon. (i imagine in a pinch, since the can that holds the copper coil is very similar to a tin can stove, you could use small sticks, twigs and leaves as a fuel source instead of the alcohol). Of note: it only “steams up” for a few seconds every few minutes or so. most of the time the flow of escaping water vapor/steam is light and barely visible.

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How To: Replace The GE MWF Water Filter In Your GE Refrigerator

How To: Replace The GE MWF Water Filter In Your GE Refrigerator

Learn how to replace the water filter in your GE refrigerator that uses MWF water filters!

Buy The GE MWF Replacement Refrigerator Water And Ice Filter At Abt:

If you’re looking for an efficient water filter for your GE or Hotpoint refrigerator the GE MWF Refrigerator Water Filter is a safe choice. An enhanced version of the GWF model this water filter can be used with Smart Water GWF01 GWF06 and Hotpoint HWF. However with a reusable adapter this filter can also replace XRC FXRT FXRC and many Kenmore models. Eliminating most of the waterborne contaminants including mercury lead carbofuran p-dichlorobenzene toxaphene and benzene this GE MWF SmartWater Filter will give you safer and healthier drinking water. This filter features a check valve that prevents any kind of water leakage. Installation is made easy as it does not require any specialized tool. Its slim compact design makes for added ease. For better efficiency it is recommended that you replace the filter every six months. Precisely this GE Cartridge water filter is all that you need for safe great-tasting drinking water at home.
• GEs SmartWater MWF Refrigerator water filter fits all GE and Hotpoint Refrigerators with water filters and replaces part numbers GWF Smart Water GWF01 GWF06 HXRT and Hotpoint HWF. The SmartWater MWF Refrigerator water filter also replaces MXRC FXRT FXRC WR97X10006 and 46-9905 filters when used with a reusable adaptor (Part number: Adapter).
• The MWF water filter can also be used on select Kenmore refrigerators. Kenmore models where the model number begins with 363 are likely to use this filter. The MWF water filter replaces Kenmore part numbers 9905 469905 & 46-9905
• Improved version of the GWF filter
• Reduces more waterborne contaminates such as Mercury Toxaphene p-dichlorobenzene Carbofuran Alachlor and Benzene
• Also reduces lead crystosporidium and giardia
• Slimmer design allows for easy installation and removal
• No tools required for installation
• Replace filters every six months

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Water Filtration & Purification

Water Filtration & Purification

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Hello friends,

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In this video, we will learn how to use Rain Bird Large Capacity Disc Filter to protect our home appliances from dirty water.

You can use this filter as whole house water filter,washing machine,dishwasher etc.

About Water Filter
A water filter removes impurities by lowering contamination of water using a fine physical barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process. Filters cleanse water to different extents for purposes such as providing agricultural irrigation, accessible drinking water, public and private aquaria, and the safe use of ponds and swimming pools.

About Rainbird 1 Large Capacity Disc Filter-130 Micron/120 Mesh-NPT Thread

Rain Bird disc filter is a type of irrigation filter, similar to a screen filter, except that the filter cartridge is made up of a number of disks stacked on top of each other like a pile of poker chips.

The filtration element consists of grooved discs, mounted on a spine, forming a cylindrical filter element. The water passes through the small grooves in between the discs which are compressed together by a spring located at the bottom of the filter cover and the impurities are trapped behind. Disc filters can be back flushed in such a way that the disks are able to separate and spin during the cleaning cycle.

Rain Bird Corporation supplies custom configured disc filters from 50 GPM to 4000 GPM.

1)Rain Bird HDF Disc Filter Advantages

• HDF systems helical action provides efficient cleaning
• Manufactured from engineered plastics to resist rust and corrosion from chemicals and water
• Pre-assembled for easy installation
• Disc elements provide depth filtration, not just surface filtration
• Manual backflush cycle can be initiated from the controller
• Plastic backflush valves are lightweight and corrosion resistant
• Low maintenance
• Filtration disc versatility. Filtration grade can be easily changed

2) Rain Bird Filtron 110 Filter Flush Controller
• Rain Bird Filtron 110 Control Unit allows backwash activation by time or pressure differential
• Operates 12V DC latch solenoids or 24V AC solenoids
• Control units available in 12 VDC, 110 VAC and 220 VAC
• LCD and keyboard allow easy to read performance parameters and ease of setting the controller.

3) Benefits
• Filtration Area. Larger filtration area equals less frequent cleaning, which lowers overall maintenance costs.
• Disc Filtration Option. Ideal for dirty water supplies due to increased filtration area. Particularly effective for water with high organic content.
• Higher Allowable Flow Rates. These filters are ideal for large irrigation zones that require a higher flow rate.
• Quality. When you sell Rain Bird, you sell dependability and peace of mind.

4) Disc Filter
• Disc Filter are 120 mesh filters are made up of
hundreds of grooved discs that allow water to pass
while trapping debris. Less maintenance required
due to the large surface area.
• Durable: Made of long-lasting engineering-grade plastic.
• Movable Discs: threaded closure system locks discs into place while in operation and allows them to decompress for easy cleaning of the filter unit.

You can buy it from

Product link is

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• whole house water filter reviews
• whole house water filter systems
• home drinking water filtration
• best home water filtration system
• whole house water filter installation
• whole house water softener
• mixed media filtration system


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