The Barista Express™ | How to replace the ClaroSwiss water filter | Sage Appliances UK

The Barista Express™ | How to replace the ClaroSwiss water filter | Sage Appliances UK

For some types of coffee, water is the biggest ingredient in terms of volume, so it’s important that the water you’re using is properly filtered.

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Water filters prevent limescale build-up in your espresso machine, but they also soften the water so that you can achieve optimal flavour from your coffee. For a smooth, great tasting coffee, watch our step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the ClaroSwiss water filter in your espresso machine.

1. Remove and drain the water tank and discard the used water filter.
2. Soak the new water filter for five minutes.
3. Set the new filter date to the current month.
4. Assemble the water filter parts to ensure they are firmly connected and install the water filter into the tank by clicking into place.
5. Fill the tank to the MAX line and reinstall the water tank in to place. Remember to the replace the filter after 90 days or after 48L.

Keeping your machine clean is key to great tasting coffee and machine longevity. Learn how to descale your Barista Express™ espresso machine:
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