BEST Refrigerator Water Filters Review💧(2022 Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter Guide)

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1️⃣ Best Overall: EveryDrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 0:31
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2️⃣ SAMSUNG Genuine DA29-00020B Water Filter for Refrigerator 1:58
💥 ABT Direct Discount:
💥 On Amazon:

3️⃣ GE RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter 3:16
💥 ABT Direct Discount:
💥 On Amazon:

4️⃣ Pureline Water Filter For Refrigerator 4:32
💥 On Amazon:

5️⃣ GE XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter 6:00
💥 ABT Direct Discount:
💥 On Amazon:

6️⃣ LG LT1000P Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter 7:20
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💥 On Amazon:

7️⃣ WaterDrop Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter 8:37
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8️⃣ Frigidaire ULTRA-WF Pure Source Water Filter 10:06
💥 ABT Direct Discount:
💥 On Amazon:

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PLEASE be careful not to buy cheaper filters as there are a LOT of dangerous counterfeits out there!

Refrigerator filters are essential for contaminant-free ice and drinking water, but with all the replacement options springing up on the market, which one to choose? Whether a replacement refrigerator water filter for your Samsung or GE, or you want a cost-effective replacement like EveryDrop, WaterDrop, or Pureline, we cover it all!

Our experts have researched and reviewed the 8 top-rated refrigerator water filters. We’ll explain the differences between each one to find the best value for your specific fridge model.

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