How Water Filtration Plant works|R O Plant

How Water Filtration Plant works|R O Plant

R O Plant-Water Filtration Plant

Clean water problems are increasing with each passing day, and the speed with which these issues must be resolved does not appear at the official level. What the private sector is doing to clean the water on its own is insufficient.
How to Work Industrial RO Plant | Demo RO Plant | 250 LPH to 5000 LPH RO Plant | 100 to 1000 LPH RO plant

1000 LPH Commercial RO Plant
1. Raw Water Pump
2. Vessels
3. Multi port Valve
4. Big Blue Housing
5. Candle Big Blue
6. Dosing Pump
7. High Pressure Pump
8. Membrane Housing 4080
9. Membrane 4040
10. RO Electric Panel
11. Rota Meter (Flow Meter)
12. Pressure Gauge
13. UV System
14. Sand
15. Carbon
16. Iron Removal
17. UPVC / CPVC / SS Fittings

Optional: Water Softener, DM Plant, Mix Bed Plant

Water Purifiers such as RO Filter, UV Filter, Alkaline Water Purifiers, Water Ionizer & Commercial RO Plant and many other related Water Filters.

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Water Filtration Plants || Mineral Water Business | Rizwan Factorywala

Water Filtration Plants || Mineral Water Business | Rizwan Factorywala

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This video is all about the Water Filtration Plants.

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