How2: Make a $5 Emergency Water Filter

How2: Make a $5 Emergency Water Filter

I’ll be showing you how to make a three bucket filter and purifier for making almost any water safe to drink, using no to low cost materials and basic tools.
Filmed and deployed at the Rhino refugee camp in northern Uganda, where we are training South Sudanese and Congolese refugees how to build their own low tech alternative infrastructure from recycled and repurposed materials.

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My name is Daniel Connell. I prototype and develop basic technologies which anyone can make using recycled materials and simple tools.
The aim is for everyone everywhere to be able to build and maintain their own infrastructure; producing their own energy, food, clean water, communications, and anything else they need.

All designs are open source and license free for any purpose, and full construction tutorials and how-tos are available on the website.

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Using rubbish to make clean drinking water - People Fixing the World, BBC World Service

Using rubbish to make clean drinking water – People Fixing the World, BBC World Service

A young entrepreneur from Uganda has devised a way of taking stuff that normally gets thrown away and using it to make clean drinking water.

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Timothy Kayondo uses discarded meat bones and vegetable peelings to make a water filtration system that goes into the purifier he’s designed – the Eco Mobile Purifier.

A People Fixing the World video by Allan Atulinda, Mercy Juma and Daniel Gordon.

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