Which water filter is the best? Brita vs PUR vs ZeroWater water filter review comparison

Which water filter is the best? Brita vs PUR vs ZeroWater water filter review comparison

Don’t just rely on bottled water! It may not always be convenient or cheap to buy bottled water. We searched for the best home water filter as we compared capacity, price, filtration speed, TDS levels, and taste test. Guess which water filter tastes the best?

Products mentioned with some alternates in case they are unavailable:
– ZeroWater 20 Cup Dispenser, Blue ( (
– ZeroWater 6 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter (
– PUR with Lead Reduction Filter (
– PUR with Faster Basic Filter (
– Brita Ultra Max with 1 Longlast Filter (
– Brita Ultra Max Water Dispenser Gray (

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Do Water Filters Really Purify Your Water? | Talking Point | Full Episode

Do Water Filters Really Purify Your Water? | Talking Point | Full Episode

Water that can give you better digestion, improved hydration, and even help prevent cancer… These are just some of the benefits that water filters promise to give you, but are they everything they claim to be? What exactly do they do to your water, and do you really need one at home?

Through a series of tests, Talking Point host Steven Chia goes in search of answers to find out if filtered water can truly be healthier, cleaner and safer than what we get straight from the tap.

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FILTER OR FAIL! Coffee Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Challenge

FILTER OR FAIL! Coffee Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Challenge

This week on Filter or Fail we put the US Aqua Platinum series to the test with your favorite Coffee drinks. As always we test the quality of our filtered specimen with a PPM meter and a taste test. Will it Filter? or Will it Fail? Watch and find out. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and leave a comment with any ideas you have for us to filter.

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Xiaomi Mijia MUL11 Faucet Water Purifier and Filter Overview

Xiaomi Mijia MUL11 Faucet Water Purifier and Filter Overview

To get the Mijia MUL11 Faucet Water Purifier and Filter, order through the link below by July 31st and you’ll get 30% off using coupon code BG5d7f95
Xiaomi Mijia MUL11 Faucet Water Purifier and Filter:

Xiaomi TDS Water Quality Meter:

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Xiaomi Mijia MUL11 Package Contents:
1 x Faucet Water Purifier (with one filter)
3 x Cartridge Filters
4 x Faucet Adapters
1 x Multifunctional Adapter
3 x Sealed Rings
1 x Installation Wrench
1 x Manual(Chinese)

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How to get a home water filtration system for as little as $15/mo

How to get a home water filtration system for as little as $15/mo

Enjoy cleaner, healthy water with a water filtration system with professional installation for only $15 a month. Visit our website to learn more: or give us a call at 1-833-433-0337 to get a free quote!

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Who doesn’t want clean water inside their home? With a water filtration system, you can rest easy knowing the H2O you use to cook, clean, and bathe with is fresh, healthy, and free from harmful toxins.

A water filtration system doesn’t have to be expensive either. When you have the professionals at ONIT install a system for you, the payments for the home filtration system are just $15 a month. Trusting our team of experts to install the equipment frees you from the hassle and assures your system is installed right the first time.

The appliances you keep inside your home will also appreciate the water filtration system, as common contaminants such as hard water often damage plumbing. Having clean water reduces wear and tear on pipes in your home. It also means you don’t have to see pesky hard water stains on glassware or across sinks.

Want to find out what’s in your tap water at home? Schedule a free water test with us! We’re happy to swing by and analyze your home’s H2O. After conducting the test, we’ll review the results with you and offer recommendations for how you can get cleaner water. This no-obligation review is an excellent way for you to stay safe and learn more about the water you’re using. Give us a call today at 1-833-433-0337 or visit us online to schedule your appointment.

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Video Transcript:
Water is an absolute necessity of life.

At ONIT, we’re in the business of providing families with clean, healthy water for every home at a price they can afford. That’s why we’re now offering home water filtration systems with professional installation starting at $15 a month.

We believe that everyone should have clean, fresh tasting water, no matter their budget. From RO drinking water systems to whole home water softening and filtering systems, we offer customized solutions unique to your family’s needs. Our whole home water filtration systems are built as permanent solutions to filtering contaminants like chlorine, bromine, and hard water.

This not only provides cleaner water, but also prevents build-up of minerals on the inside of pipes, lengthens the life of some appliances, prevents mineral spots on glassware and prevents soap films and detergent residue in sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines.

Installing a reverse osmosis drinking water system removes any remaining traces of chlorine and microscopic debris, tiny particles, pollutants, fluoride, and trihalomethanes that are trapped by pre-filters, organic and odorous chemicals like hydrogen sulfide, and any other foul tastes or odors while boosting your PH level to ensure bottle quality water.

This results in tastier food and drinks and reduces your plastic waste.

After your professional installation you can sit back and enjoy cleaner, fresh-tasting water and save on household expenses. The average family of four saves up to $870 a year by eliminating expenses such as bottled water, water filters and plumbing and appliance maintenance.

Schedule an appointment with an ONIT water specialist today. Call us at 1-833-433-0337 to get started today!

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Culligan Water Filter - Review and Change Filter Cartridge

Culligan Water Filter – Review and Change Filter Cartridge

CULLIGAN WH-HD200-C Water Filter …
DuPont WFPF13003B Water Filter …….
Culligan R50-BBSA Jumbo Filter ……….
Culligan RFC-BBSA Premium Filter ……
iSpring WSP-50 – Water Filter ……………
iSpring WSP-100 – Water Filter ………….

One part of our whole house water filter system is the Culligan 10″ x 4.5″ water filter. I actually have two of them installed in line after the iSpring filters. These filters remove mainly rust from the well water coming into our house. I change them once a month.
This video is my opinion of the Culligan filters and the process for changing the filter cartridge and the steps involved.

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