Deep Cleaning Your Backpacking Water Filter

Deep Cleaning Your Backpacking Water Filter

In this video we’ll show you tips on how to deep clean your Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter. “Zero” to “Low-Flow” problems with your filter? This video will show you some advanced techniques to get your filter to flow once again. In this video we use the Sawyer Squeeze filter, however these techniques can be used in many water filters on the market.

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New Sawyer Product, Sawyer Tap Filter SP134, Water Filtration System Review 2021

New Sawyer Product, Sawyer Tap Filter SP134, Water Filtration System Review 2021

Hello, my Prepper Friends, I want to introduce you to the Sawyer Tap Filter SP134. You can find it on Amazon through this link:
This can be used in your car camping, Survival, and Disaster preparedness. We all want clean drinking water, especially in an Emergency Disaster. This water filter is a great survival tool to have on hand when that boil alert comes in or you don’t feel safe drinking the water at the RV hook up.
One feature I really like about this product is that with the different adapters you can hook it up to your sawyer mini or sawyer squeeze. Now that’s pretty cool
This is an excellent product to add to your emergency preparedness or disaster preparedness plan. I hope that you enjoy these preparedness tips.

Amazon Product Link
Sawyer Tap Filter sp 134:

Video Time Stamps
0:00 First Look at the New Sawyer Tap Filter, Water Filtration System
0:37 Sawyer tap filter amazon
0:44 What I like about the Sawyer Tap Filter
1:11 Sawyer Tap Filter Unboxing
2:40 Sawyer Tap Filter Review
3:34 Sawyer Tap Filter Trouble Shooting
4:23 How to Attach the Sawyer Tap Filter to the Tap
5:46 How to Attach the Extension hose to the Tap Filter
6:40 How to Backwash the Sawyer Tap Filter
7:04 How to Attach the backwash adaptor to the Sawyer Tap Filter
7:44 How to use the Sawyer Faucet adaptor to attach the sawyer mini and sawyer squeeze to the Sawyer tap filter backwash and duel threaded adapter
8:21 How to connect the Sawyer Tap Filter to your Hose Bib with the threaded Spigot adapter
8:58 Sawyer Tap Filter Review Final Thoughts

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TIME TO DITCH YOUR SAWYER FILTERS? // Katadyn BeFree Water Filter vs. Sawyer Mini and Sawyer Squeeze

TIME TO DITCH YOUR SAWYER FILTERS? // Katadyn BeFree Water Filter vs. Sawyer Mini and Sawyer Squeeze

The Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration System is quickly becoming a popular choice among hikers and backpackers. It’s compact design, ease of use, and amazing flow rate make it an ideal choice, right? Well maybe, in this review we go over what we like about the Katadyn BeFree compared to the Sawyer Mini and Sawyer Squeeze. We also go over what we do not like.

Katadyn BeFree 1L:
Katadyn BeFree 3L:
CNOC 42mm Vecto 2L (for BeFree):

Sawyer Mini:
Sawyer Squeeze:
CNOC 28mm Vecto 2L (for Sawyer products):


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MSR Trailshot water filter review - Ultralight backpacking filter (plus integrity test)

MSR Trailshot water filter review – Ultralight backpacking filter (plus integrity test)

You can pick up the MSR Trailshot here
UK –

Sea to Summit X Mug
UK –

MSR Trailshot water filter review – ultralight backpacking filter

The MSR Trailshot microfilter is a great backpacking water filter enabling you to always have clean water when you are outdoors. It’s water treatment removes 99.99% of bacteria, protozoa and particulates. It’s filtration goes down to 0.2 microns and is perfect as a survival filter or for camping situations. In my opinion it’s easier to use than It’s competitor, the Sawyer Mini water filter but performs equally well on the trail.

Which do you prefer? The Sawyer filter or the MSR Trailshot?

Please note that it is not a water purifier and won’t remove pesticides or chemicals.

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Water Filtration for Backpacking | Field Demo

Water Filtration for Backpacking | Field Demo

If you are backing, you are going to have to filter water. There are MANY options when it comes to water filtration and water purification for backpackers (and hunters like myself), but my go to is the Sawyer Micro Squeeze. Fast, easy and reliable. ENJOY! 🙂

Sawyer Micro Squeeze-
(used in video)

Other filters I recommend:
Sawyer Mini-
Sawyer Gravity Filter-

Backpacking Gear to Check Out:
Trekking Poles:
Backpacking Pillow (shown in video):
Backpacking Pillow (lightweight option):
Backcountry Stove (mentioned in video):
Camp Chef Stove (another option):
Mountain House (this one is DELISH):
Sleeping Pad (affordable):
Sleeping Pad (shown in video):
Multi Tool (different than one shown in video, but still awesome):
Ursack Bear Bag:
Floored Tent:
Nemo Sleeping Bag:
Bayite metal match


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