ZeroWater 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the Zero Water 23 cup Dispenser. It’s 10.5 inches tall by 15 inches long and 6 inches wide.
LINK to ZeroWater 23 Cup Dispenser:
The Zerowater zd-018 23-cup water dispenser and filtration system comes with the 23 cup container, lid, reservoir, filter, tds meter and instruction manual. The plastic is bpa free.

Link to Brita 10 Cup Everyday Pitcher:

The Tds meter tells you what’s in your water, it measures dissolved solids in water. This filter and has a five stage filtering system versus the standard 2-stage carbon filters that goes into a brita for example. This filter should remove all dissolved solids in your water. How does the filter work – according to ZeroWater – When water passes through the ion exchange filters, the ions that you may not want in the water or may make the water taste bad are collected and exchanged with water ions, like hydrogen.
When the tds meter reads 006, it’s time to change the filter. How long the filter lasts depends on the tds level of your water. An average tds level of 150-200 should give you about 30 gallons of water. The lower the tds level, the longer your filter will last.
The filters can be recycled by mailing them to Zerowater. Here is a link to that information:

Remove the cap, Push the on/off button to turn on, put the meter in your water no more than an inch or two deep because it could damage the meter, it’s not waterproof. When the reading stabilizes, press hold to keep the reading displayed. Press hold again to go back to 0. Shake it off and test again. Push the button to turn off.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes standards for drinking water which fall into two categories — Primary Standards and Secondary Standards. primary Standards are based on health considerations and Secondary Standards are based on taste, odor, color, corrosivity, foaming, and staining properties of water. There is no Primary drinking water standard for total dissolved solids, but the Secondary standard for TDS is 500 mg/L.

You can buy a Reverse Osmosis testing package online if you’re really concerned with what’s in your water.

I preferred the taste of the Brita water as it was not bitter like the ZeroWater filtered water.

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