Thinking of Buying a Non-Backwashing Water Filtration System? Think Again.

MYTH: Backwashing (or self-cleaning) water filtration systems waste water. FACT: Backwash water is filtered and can easily be used to water plants or side yards, or simply run off into a pool, pond, or even for livestock or horses. Zero waste! Most importantly, backwashing is required to reduce and eliminate bacteria, increase your filter’s life and reduce your cost of replacement, and ensure 99%+ effectiveness of removing toxins for the filter’s life. According to studies (see below), non-backwashing systems are less than 36% effective at removing toxins.

News – Non-Backwashing Water Filtration Found Ineffective:

Why Use a Backwashing System?:

*Environmental Water Systems are Made in the USA, with quality and integrity
*Meets or exceeds all pertinent NSF, ANSI, FDA, and California State compliances
*Featured and showcased by HGTV, Ty Pennington NGHTV, National Association of Home Builders, Builder Magazine Top Products, New American Showcase Home, & more
*The water filtration of choice used by professional athletes, celebrities, hospitals, health care centers, and hundreds of thousands of families worldwide

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