Vestige Sharp Water Purifier | Best Water Purifier? | Full Info in Hindi

Vestige Sharp Water Purifier | Best Water Purifier? | Full Info in Hindi

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Vestige Sharp Water Purifier – For the first time in the country, Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd has created all its products on CNT (Cellular Nourishment Therapy) for the body to be completely healthy, with its main components – complete diet, clean air and clean water.

Types of filters in the Sharp Water Purifier :There were health supplement and air purifier in that series, and now company has brought the country’s best water purifier.

1) P.P. Filter – Cleans dirt, soil. Big P.P. filter helps to clean more.

2) Carbon Filter – Made of small particles of carbon, which helps to clean muscular dirt.

3) RO Membrane – Sharp Water Purifier has US RO Membrane, which has a life span of 2 years, and also cleans toxic substances such as 93.3 arsenic.

4) AFD Disruptor – This technique is not yet available in any other water purifier, and it makes water 99.9% clean. Other water purifiers give a lot of emphasis on the UV to clean up biological mess. But with the UV technology, organic matter such as germs and bacteria either become inactive for some time or die. They still stay in drinking water. If they are inactive, then there is a considerable point, that after drinking water, those bacteria become active.

On the contrary, the Sharp Water Purifier’s AFD Disruptor Technology absorbs these organic dirt by itself & gives you the cleanest drinking water.

There is also a display in the Sharp Water Purifier, through which you may know when and which filter you will have to change. If you think that you do not want to change the filter right now, you can also reset the display. In addition, all plastic components are made of 100% food grade plastic.

On the Sharp Water Purifier you get world-class testing certificates with the guarantee that the most clean drinking water is available in your glass.

On the Sharp Water Purifier you get one year warranty and out of 19000 zip codes across the country, you will get full service at 13500 pin code locations from the company.

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