Water Filtration Unit BEST Location | SUBNAUTICA

Water Filtration Unit BEST Location | SUBNAUTICA

A quick gameplay guide on where to find the water filtration unit databox within Subnautica game (2018). We will be looking past the kelp forest (SE) and going into the shroom caves. In this area we will come across a data box to enable us to construct the build the water filtration system. This habitat module will then generate two water bottles which will replenish the player’s H₂O levels by 50%. Enjoy 🙂


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Water Filtration Machine - Subnautica Guide

Water Filtration Machine – Subnautica Guide

In this guide I will show you a nice quick and easy location to grab the water filtration machine plans.
Cave Entrance
(135, -70, -400)
Base Entrance
(81, -264, -361)

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Make Sure Your Water Is Safe To Drink.