How to Replace a GE Cafe Refrigerator RPWFE Water Filter

How to Replace a GE Cafe Refrigerator RPWFE Water Filter

In this video, home renovation brothers Dave and Rich and Dave’s son, Caleb, show you how to replace a GE Cafe Refrigerator RPWFE Water Filter.

Replacing a GE Cafe water filter is not difficult, but you MUST know which type of water filter housing you have to determine how to remove the old filter and how to install the new one.

In this video, the refrigerator that we are working on has a gray water filter housing. This type of filter will be removed by pulling it straight out.

If you had a GE Cafe refrigerator with a blue water filter housing you would turn the filter one quarter turn to remove it and also turn the new filter one quarter turn to install it.

After the filter is removed, replace it with a genuine GE RPWFE water filter. A generic filter could possibly not work correctly.

With the gray water filter housing, simply push the filter straight into the housing, but don’t turn it. There are small grooves that you have to line up to keep it in place. Make sure to push until the filter is seated all the way.

After that, run the water dispenser for about 5 minutes, pouring out 2 gallons of water to make sure all of the air is purged from the lines.

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HOW to HACK YOUR FRIDGE to take CHEAP Water Filters!!

HOW to HACK YOUR FRIDGE to take CHEAP Water Filters!!

Here’s a quick diy video on how to hack your GE Smart Fridge that uses the expensive RPWFE water filters. This hack will allow you to save around $60-$75 per year! Links below for what you will need:

Dista DWF 36 Replacement Filters (2-pack)

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