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We started out like the typical RV Newbie and purchased the white RV Hose and the CAMCO blue inline filter. We have since been slowly upgrading to the rv water filtration system we have today. Is there room for improvement, always. But for now and for the cost, we found this is the best rv water filter system in our budget and it works for us. We currently use the Beech Lane Water filter with the On The Go RV Water Softener. We really like this setup for our water filtration needs. The On The Go Water Softener has been a game changer for us living the fulltime RV life. Before we added this to our setup, our skin at certain campgrounds would start to feel dry and crack. Also, it helped with water spots in the RV as well.

We use this system to filter and soften our water. When it comes to drinking water, we use our travel berkey. We will have a video on that in the future.

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