Low Cost 'TERAFIL' Water Filter

TERAFIL is a low cost burnt red clay porous media (disc/candle), used for filtration & treatment of turbid raw water into clean drinking water for domestic/ community applications. Suspended particles, sediment, iron & many heavy metals, micro-organism, colour & bad odour etc are separated from raw water effectively during filtration, without clogging the core of the TERAFIL. It can be fixed with any container for purification of water. Quality of product water is within BIS limits, especially for turbidity, iron & micro-organisms. Cost of purification is within Rs.2/- per ton of product water, considering total cost of plant. It operates without electricity, spent water and sludge management. Average life of TERAFIL media is five years. Pottery clay, sand & wood saw dust are used for preparation of TERAFIL media (disc).

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