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By Popular Demand, our Stainless Water Kegs finally explained. Having fought with typical plastic RV tanks before, I wanted something different.

We hated that typical RV tanks taste like plastic. They have loud pumps that cycle on and off, buuurrh, buuurrh, buuurrh. Needing to shock them with bleach all the time. Level indicators that never work properly… etc etc.

Benefits we see with having modular kegs like this:
1. We can segregate our water if we get a fill from a questionable source and extra filtering as needed.
2. We can open them and get inside and clean or dump them if there are big gribbles in there.
3. No Loud Pump* (The air compressor is loud, but we can control when it runs, usually once every few days)
4. Despencing with air means we don’t need a water pump, (which can only pump water) Our air compressor has multiple purposes, And we’d rather have redundant air compressors than a water pump that can’t air up our tires.
5. We can grab a keg and walk for water, from a campsite spigot, a little diner, or park water fountain etc etc without needing to get the whole truck close to the water source.
6. Eventually, we’d planned to weld a stainless coil into the lid to have a coolant heat exchanger or even a 12 Volt DC heater element that would essentially be our water heater. Would need to be insulated of course.
7. The whole system is inside our building envelope and freezing lines or tank is not a concern when back home in the frozen motherland.
8. Being modular, we can daisy chain as many as we need for that trip… We provisioned space for 10, but in practice, we’ve found that 5 is more than enough even in Baja Mexico.
9. Others, I’ll update as I remember.

This would be a super way for #VanLife types to bring along some clean drinking water. Keep it separate from the wash water.

Where to get them:

They are being phased out of service for soda in favor of the syrup in a bag in a box, mix at the tap systems. Popular with the craft brew guys. So you have to keep an eye out for them. Craigslist, Kijiji and eBay

Depending on where you are they come up on craigslist from time to time. I heard of some bought from a metal recycling place for scrap stainless price. You may need to replace the rubber o-rings to get them to seal and some have dents that need to be banged out… but still very serviceable.

The Filter we Bought:

Ball Lock Fittings on Amazon:

Replacement O-ring Sets:

Buy the Keg new if you’re rich:

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