Introducing the Pelican Smart Combo Whole House Water Filter & Salt Free Water Softener

The Pelican Water Whole House Filter and Salt-Free Softener is an easy-to-use system that is part of Pelican Water’s Combo Series. This system works to filter water while also taking care of hard scale build-up and preventing future build-up. Pelican Water is the market leader in salt-free water softening systems and this is the only salt-free water softener certified 99.6% effective.

We’re now incorporating cutting-edge NFC functionality into our best-selling Pelican Smart Combo™ to streamline care and maintenance of the system.

NFC, or Near Field Communication, allows a user’s smartphone to wirelessly connect to the Pelican Water system in their home. The connection costs nothing to use, and is reestablished any time the customer is within the field of their Pelican Smart Combo™ system.

With the ability to access guides, FAQs, and maintenance information by simply placing their smartphones near their Pelican Smart Combo™ system, users will have total control over every aspect of their Pelican Water filter and softener. Simply scan the NFC sticker on the top of the Sediment Filter bracket with your smartphone to instantly access the filtration and softening system using NFC technology.

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