Installing Water Filtration/Watermaker System On Our Boat

One of the upgrades we were most looking forward to doing this year aboard our boat is the installation of this water filtration system that we will use to produce clean, safe water directly from the lake. We had a similar type of system on our last boat and it worked great. Now, we will have access to virtually limitless fresh water while we cruise.

Big thanks to ‘Gary The Water Guy’ ( for helping us out with this system. Please check out the video we did at his store in Midland, Ontario, to learn more about this Viqua water treatment system here: Don’t worry about driving to Midland to purchase your own unit, as his online store has a huge selection of products you can order right from home.

Remember that Gary also has a very informative YouTube channel ( Check it out to learn all about water treatment through his helpful videos and insights. Take a boo and leave a message to say that you found him through the Boogaboo Crew!

Filmed July, 2018.

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