(How to) Install Water Filter to BESTWAY Fast Set Pool - Summer 2020

It’s now Summer 2020 and it’s time to get wet in the BESTWAY Garden Swimming Pool!!

This video is here to hopefully help you with Installing the #BestwayWaterFilter to your #Bestway Fast Set Pool. I got soaked because I made a mistake when filling the pool, so don’t do what I did!

I kind of jumped right in and just started recording this, the kids and wife had already filled the pool with water before I arrived home, my advice would be to fill the pool enough to have it standing but not above the holes where you need to add the filter – as it would be easier this way.

I had to go underwater to do it and then realised I had put them in the wrong way around, even though it still worked it would have been better done the other way and as you’ll see in the comments some people have pointed this out.

I’d advise for you to read the comments and even drop me a message if you need my opinion on how I did things. I’m not claiming to be the expert here. I followed the instructions and used common sense to get it working based on the situation I was in at the time.

I hope this helps you, good luck and enjoy installing your #FastSetWaterFilter System to your Bestway Fast Set Pool.

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