Homemade Water Filter! - The "Compression Coupler" Water FIlter! - Easy DIY - Full Instructions

Homemade Water Filter! The “Compression Coupler” Water Filter! Easy DIY. Super Strong, Lightweight and Portable. is great for everyday use and is ideal to have when hiking/camping or when in a SHTF/Emergency situation. items needed: PVC Compression Coupling, window screen and activated carbon. activated carbon filtration clears water of all bad tastes and odors and is 99.999% effective at removing dirt, silt, sediment, chlorine, VOC’s and over 200 common disease/cancer causing water contaminants. is also excellent for purifying rain (or tap) water. note: if purifying a stagnant water source (lake/pond water) boil a couple minutes after filtering to remove any remaining biological impurities.

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