DIY Water Filter! (w/manual siphon pump!) - Off-Grid Water Purifier! cleans water fast! ppm rds

DIY Water Purifier w/non-electric “Human Powered” Pump! simple “activated carbon” water filter w/siphon pump. made using PVC pipe, (w/a couple of brass fittings), some scrap window screen – and the carbon. great for purifying tap water, rain water, stream/river water (or any “moving” water source). works good with lake/pond water too (just boil it before or after filtering). activated carbon filtering removes over 200 chemical contaminants (herbicides/pesticides, pharmaceuticals… you name t). also removes all bad odors/tastes/smells and removes most dirt debris and sediment. pump is $5.59 from harbor freight. carbon from walmart $6.00 and PVC (@brass fittings) from home depot. great for camping/hiking/off-grid/emergency/shtf or everyday use. couple of notes: if collection container is lower than source water, then you only have to pump it a few times (to get it going) and it will run theoretically forever (siphoning action). ppm water reading included in video. the pump is multi-use. it comes with an air hose too, so it can be used for air mattresses, beach balls etc…

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