DIY 6 Gallon Ceramic Gravity Water Filter / Budget Filtration System / ProPur ProBlack-D

This video shows how to make a home made ProPur gravity style water filtration system, using ceramic, charcoal and silver impregnated filters. This system cost $35 in parts (not including filters which are about $95 per pair), using food grade buckets and fittings easily obtainable from home brew stores for a total price of $130. Comparable commercial systems run around $350. Cost per gallon is about 2 cents. This portable system is good for emergencies and when SHTF if water is treated with bleach, purification tablets or boiling.
SHTFandGO Candle Ceramic Filter Black 7 inch Silver Carbon with Activated Carbon (QTY-2)

Royal Berkey Water Filter System RB4X2 with 2 Berkey Black Filters and 2 Fluoride Filters Bundled with One Stainless Steel Live Healthy Water Bottle:

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