Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

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Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

Trusted for over 20 years for use in emergency situations
Hurricanes – Tornados – Earthquakes – Floods
Over 3 billion gallons of water treated annually
Fast acting. Water is ready to drink 30 minutes after mixing
No unpleasant taste. Great tasting water consistently

Emergencies happen, be prepared. Aquatabs are used by all major aid agencies, NGO’s and peacekeeping defense forces worldwide for the treatment of human drinking water in emergency situations. They are used by NATO and many other military organizations. Aquatabs are effervescent tablets which kill micro-organisms in water to prevent Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery and other water borne disease. This 100 pack treats up to 200 quarts of water. This product is recommended for disinfecting raw or pre-treated water. The source of water to be treated may be collected rain, rivers, lakes, wells, cisterns or similar sources.

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